Best cartoons I’ve created

What are the best cartoons I’ve created? I often ask myself this question as I look backwards in time. Especially at the existing archive of cartoons I’ve produced.
best cartoons

Do I have any favorites? A specific job I worked on or a favorite assignment?

Really, my best cartoons are definitely all the images I’ve created…every single one of them, up until now.

The best cartoon humor I’ve created is a misnomer – at least to me

How many thousands, I really can’t say. I feel that every cartoon I have worked on, or every article drawing or humorous illustration has been a part of an overall work in progress.

Each and every one has helped to hone my style so to speak.

I obsess about all of it to a degree. But I’ve also applied myself to cartooning enough to say that I have been “multi faceted”.

If I was to give out advice to anyone starting out, I would advise to cover as many bases as you can.

Best vs. favorite cartoons are one and the same – for me!

What I mean by this, is try your abilities out on the gag cartoon market. Send fine tuned (tooned – pun intended!) submissions to those magazines you see that use gag cartoons. You just don’t know until you try!

Have promotional brochures printed that show samples of your illustration style and if you can, show previously published work. Include them in your initial cartoon submission because you never know.

An editor may not care for your gag writing that pertains to your single panel cartoons, but he or she may be willing to try you out by giving you an article to illustrate.

Or your drawing style may work for a magazine cover…you don’t know until you try.

From the very first cartoon I’ve created and had published up until the latest creation, I have to say each and every one in between has been my best. It’s a never ending effort!