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Bed Cartoons

Cartoons depicting people in bed, kids getting having mom or dad reading a bed time story to them, Indian fakirs sitting on a bed of nails and much more! bed cartoonsMy bed cartoons are endless concepts of single panel cartoon humor and offer a wide variety of cartoon humor to choose from.

Hospital bed cartoons where the patient is the main character in the cartoon to cartoons showing parents hiding in bed under the covers as they glare at a newborn baby screaming for his night time feeding.

Wide array of bed cartoons available

Featuring truck bed cartoons and cartoons of people asleep in bed and dreaming with thought balloons over their heads. You’ll even find a priest laying in a hospital bed and receiving an I.V. of Holy Water!

Cartoons about sleep and dreaming

Are you searching for a specific bed cartoon relating to education? Perhaps something unusual? I also have a teacher in bed while sleeping in a teachers lounge! If that isn’t unusual enough, there are sick parents in bed and married couples complaining about life. Any cartoon can be modified if you wish. Redraws are available upon request and all that’s needed is to contact me and supply background information as to what you’d like changed in that specific cartoon. A fast response is always guaranteed.

Mattress cartoons can also be customized

Colorizing a cartoon can also be done for you by requesting a special color scheme if you see something in my portfolio. These cartoons would work well in a sleep project being conducted and documented in print, or if you happen to be authoring a book relating to sleep and how sleep affects one’s own health. Custom cartoons are yet another specialty in regards to having any bed cartoons created for a print advertisement or to use in a presentation, newsletter or brochure. The cartoon offered in this post was created exclusively for mattress manufacturing which ought to give further insight into my ability in creating custom cartoons for very narrow niche projects.