Atheist Cartoons

My atheist cartoons were published many years ago. In the 80’s there was a well known devout atheist by the name atheist cartoonsof Madalyn Murray O’Hair who published her own magazine based on the subject. Simply put, atheists have no belief in a creator or a “God” that created all things in this life and universe. Atheist cartoon humor can be funny if illustrated and presented the right way.

I rarely get religious on the subject of humor, although unlike atheistic notions that exist, I have a belief in God. It’s my own personal choice based on my own personal experiences in growing up and what I’ve experienced in life.  I personally can’t fathom that everything we know from the human perspective “just happened”. Everything is so elemental and balanced that there must (at least to me) be an intelligent design in this life, this universe we are a part of.

Atheist cartoons created by a believer and published by non-believers

I think to deny myself of these beliefs and that no God exists would seem like the ultimate in self righteousness. What the heck do I know? So, from a “belief” standpoint and through observation, I’ve never denied myself there isn’t some form of intelligent design that works or worked behind the scenes in creating what we know as “life” or the universe or reality in general.

Atheist magazine with a sense of humor

By going to the smallest of electrons that spin here on Earth to the molecular cells that make up rocks on unknown planets in the farthest reaches of our universe, how did all of this come about? The questions! Who or what human being has that explanation? No one, aside from the Madalyn Murray O’Hairs who dismisses all of it as “just an occurrence”.

Madalyn’s family ran the publication, and on a whim, I created some cartoons from an atheistic perspective and to their chagrin, they bought them! I looked at my cartoons published in American Atheist’s pages as a kick in the pants to all atheists, because here was me,  a believer, using my God-given talents to get published in a national atheist magazine. Oh the humanity but most of all, the joke was on American Atheist . . . proof there is a God!