Astronaut Cartoons

astronaut cartoons

Cartoon astronaut in space

Astronaut cartoons will bring back memories of the U.S. space shuttle program and if you’re old enough, even the moon landing and seeing that old film clip of the one and only Neil Armstrong taking that “one giant leap for mankind“.


My astronaut cartoons can be used universally (pun intended) in various ways.

They have a global appeal because everyone is so familiar with our space program. Although not as active as it was back in those earlier days, the U.S. space program is talking about sending astronauts to Mars nearing the year 2040. How cool would it be seeing humans physically disembarking a space capsule on the surface of the Red Planet?! Awesome!

Space exploration cartoon characters

With this adventurous spirit in mind, I am offering links to favorite cartoons I createdastronauts cartoon that deal in space travel and pertain to that fearless breed we call astronauts. The Apollo 13 moon mission alone will instill American pride in anyone who takes time to fully understand that almost fatal trip from Earth, only to slingshot around the dark side of the moon and re-engineer the damage to the space module.

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And also my astronaut dog walker with astronaut dog  cartoon is very popular and can be used in a kid’s greeting card invitation or t-shirt or a pet web site.

Other odd astronaut related cartoon humor such as my astronauts talk about a mainframe computer on the surface of the moon cartoon could be used in your technology presentation or book.

nasa cartoonsIf you look through and consider the various ways cartoons can be applied, it is an endless array of applications .

I also specialize in custom astronaut cartoons if needed.

Contact me with your questions, and how you’ll use the cartoon needed and if it’s a simple astronaut cartoon character needed for a line of greeting cards, I know we can arrange something.

Perhaps a cartoon astronaut on the moon is required for a presentation, this is very doable. Use my contact form that is easily accessible on the page here and drop me any questions and a fast response is guaranteed.