Animal Cartoons

Animal Cartoons Featuring Dogs – Cats and Pets

Animal cartoons of all types are available throughout my various cartoon catalogs. animal cartoonsI’ve had an affinity for creating these special types of single panel gags for as long as I can remember. Back in the 1970’s and into the 1980’s I was fortunate to get editors to show an interest in my cartoons and was published in various magazines like Horse Illustrated, Horse Of Course, Veterinary Practice Journals group of magazines and others.

Animal Cartoon Humor Available Throughout My catalogs

My dog cartoons appeared in Dog Fancy many years ago and I also had Cat Cartoons appear in obscure magazines like Pet Health News. I’ve mentioned to other cartoonists that to build up your portfolio, and to make up a robust selection of cartoons to include into your repertoire, that animal cartoons are an ideal addition top that selection.

Not only that, but if you enjoy drawing for the pure act of creating,  if you’re like me, you’ll notice these can come relatively easy from start to finish! If you work in your sketchbook and have extra time, grab some photos of your pet and take time to pencil in some rough sketches. Sketching, as all creatives know, is an excellent way of keeping your drawing style updated and intact and also will help you continue to develop that style.

Sketching animals will help enhance your illustration style

Many times I’ve gone off on a tangent to sketch other animal images such as birds, frogs (ribbit!), snakes (too darn easy!), alligators (always a favorite…) and move on to other reptiles like turtles and fish. It’s just good practice to do so, and I feel good after a “sketch session”. I also amp up my creative drive and many times while in sketch-mode, just the fact I am actively sketching assists in my coming up with new ideas or cartoon gags.