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Anger Cartoons

Anger cartoons about getting mad and angry people in funny situations. anger cartoonsAnger cartoons reflect one of the most common of all emotions and are presented in funny and humorous situations. Available for licensing and reprinting in your print and digital professional projects!

These anger related gag panel cartoons show “hate” and deceit including frustration….who could think these types of situations could be presented in a humorous way? This is the great aspect of cartooning. When I think of situations to draw or create a cartoon around, it can occur when I notice someone or some people in situations involving this crazy emotion and it evolves into a decent cartoon situation that lends itself to humor.

Click my cartoon of the two people who I’ve illustrated that are having an emotional and obviously “heated” argument….it will take you to my catalog of various cartoons depicting anger and arguing situations. Throw in some frustration while I am thinking about it and let the “HaHa’s” and laughs begin.


Like any and all cartoons offered throughout my web catalogs, everything is open to interpretation of course and you have many options. One being is that I can recreate or redraw any of the cartoons for you, so it will speak better to your audience or visitors in your proposed project.


Custom anger cartoons are an additional service I can provide which could be used in your counseling services in regards to a print advertisement, presentation, book, web or Facebook page. Custom cartoons provide greater impactful messaging in your projects. I have illustrated books such as You’re Only Crazy If It Aint Workin For Ya by Irwin Krigman that contain a lot of anger related cartoons, mental health illustrations and more.

We can do the same together, if you have a book in mind that I can assist you with. Contact me with any specific questions here and thanks for visiting. Don’t let these angry cartoon characters fool you, they’ll enhance the value of your project!