Angel Cartoons

Angel Cartoons

Angel cartoons are the cartoonist’s mainstay…at least one of them! If you’re looking for a cute angel cartoon then look no further. Cartoons angel cartoonsdepicting angels are like the standard desert island gag….many variations on a concept can be created. In fact so long as time marches on, new ideas pertaining to angels or showing them in Heaven and also in earthly settings is still great humor!

Just like the cartoon you can click to access the angel cartoons, angel cartoon humor are a part of my religion cartoons catalog. News topics come into the equation and those new topics will many times lend themselves to creating a new cartoon about angels.

Angelic cartoon humor comes in many forms

A good example of this would be president Donald Trump who could be depicted as an angel in Heaven as another angel approaches and tells him “Considering what you said on that open microphone with Billy Bush, that halo doesn’t look normal.” Perhaps the other angel could actually be an elderly “Aunt Bea” type. Not certain if that makes it funnier but I think you get my meaning.

St. Peter and the Pearly Gates Cartoons

Certain cartoons have that certain je ne sais quoi, the angel concept is one of them for me. Angel cartoon characters are readily available here.  I could most likely apply the Saint Peter aspect into many of these cartoons and then incorporate many celebrity cartoon characters into each of them to spin an idea for each concept. I’ve also done this with my political cartoons where I’ve had characters trying to enter the Pearly Gates, along with a funny gagline tied to each cartoon.

Another of my cartoons in this collection is even captionless (another favorite genre) where a farmer enters his barn and finds a small angel is dead after entangling itself in a piece of fly tape that you might be familiar with.

That gooey sticky tape that was so popular years ago, which worked quite well for catching flies.

Angel cartoon characters can be created for any special projects, so please keep this in mind for your next book or publishing project.

Any specific type of angel cartoon drawing needed, can be quickly illustrated in black and white line art or supplied in color. If you have questions on these kinds of custom cartoons, just ask.

I hope to post more angel cartoons in the future but if you have your own concepts and you want to send them to me, feel free! Until next time. Speaking of bible cartoons, visit my collection of Moses cartoons if you can!