Cartoons About Ancient Technology – An Actual Hand Held Diary

Ancient technology cartoon

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This cartoon reminds me yet again of my technology – computer cartoons that I’m making available for licensing and reprint in any of your professional projects.


The story behind the cartoon I am sharing here was based on a quick brainstorm I had when I was listening to a radio commercial and heard someone talking about young people and how they rely so much on their portable devices.


I thought in my head, they’d have to revert back to writing their thoughts on paper or in diaries. There were actually little diary books that could be purchased with a little lock on the front cover of the hard cover book, along with a little key of course.


I think these little books were nice for young people because they had to actually put pen to paper in them, and then record their thoughts. This taught them penmanship, and how to use cursive for their chosen writing style and ability.

Of course, it meant taking care of business, such as writing checks to pay bills or figure out their annual taxes. This i something that seems like it is becoming obsolete.

Ancient technology cartoon offered here for licensing

Something a young person could apply later in life, after they got married, and then took that writing ability into adulthood and gradually learned how to start a checking account and apply for a credit card to then pay bills.

Dissecting a cartoon’s meaning

With today’s technology, I feel that takes away from this disciplinary aspect of growing up and learning how to write and keep your ideas and thoughts in a written context that undoubtedly will have help developed their skills and personality in a sense.


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