Alternative cartoon sales to buyers of cartoons

Alternative cartoon sales are still possible for anyone considering a profession in the cartooning business.

With the decline in the print market for gag cartoons such as newsletter publishing and newspaper publishing, alternative cartoon salesit has become more apparent than ever for cartoonists to aggressively pursue other potential clients and markets for their work and services,  by aggressive cartoon marketing and promotion.

Back in the nineteen fifties up into the 80’s and even the 90’s, the hard copy print market was proliferating and that was reflected by dozens, hundreds and more markets for cartoonists to offer their work and services to.

Promoting cartoons and services to alternative markets

The digital era has made an impact on the business of cartooning and as such, many full time freelance cartoonists have been literally forced into full time “promotion mode”.


In recent years I have lost clients who’ve literally been forced to sink or swim, from a digital perspective. Luckily, over as many years of self promotion and steadily submitting my gag panel cartoons, I had acquired some devoted editors and publishers who liked my work and cartooning techniques enough to stick with me and assign new work month after month or whenever their publishing schedule allowed. To make up for the other losses, it required I get back into promotion-mode and start making phone calls, sending out promotional emails and doing interviews. Interviews are yet another excellent way to generate new interest in your cartoons and illustration services.

You should always make up for any losses you incur! Keep an aggressive self promotional attitude in mind!

Consultants make excellent alternative users of cartoons

Some potential new clients could include consultants….think about it. Consultants exist in all business sectors and that genre alone, is endless. I mean, there are medical consultants, publishing consultants, marketing consultants and on & on. Choose your discipline and you can endlessly focus on that alone. Many of these consultants are authors and writers, who could use you to be their sole illustrator or cartoonist to illustrate any new book projects, calendars, cartoon logos for web pages etc.

There are also actual web publishers who might be interested in acquiring the services of a cartoonist to be their sole illustrator…a contract artist of sorts.


Cartoonists may also pinpoint graphic design firms and approach them with their portfolio. Then there are trade show display manufacturers. Another publishing sector which may be of interest to cartoonists are calendar publishers. Your potential is endless and will only end when you give up. And in the cartooning business, you can never give up!

Finding alternative cartoon sales will only become apparent when you start looking for and finding new clients.