Alternative Markets For Cartoonists Requires Specific Research To Find Buyers Of Cartoons

alternative cartoon marketsAlternative cartoon markets can be found in many ways. Some ways in which I’ve counteracted the loss of specific markets – namely gag cartoon markets in the magazine field – is to considering “how to locate” new potential markets. How to locate potential interested clients would definitely include SIC codes.  A “trick” I learned years ago from a mentor of sorts . . . the one and only George Crenshaw who worked for Disney studios and later launched his own cartoon resale agency called The Masters Agency (based in Capitola, California). I learned that Standard Industrial Classification codes pertain to every business (and sub businesses or derivatives associated with those listed businesses) that are available to the public. Mostly used by marketers for advertising services of all types, this little known resource is a goldmine for cartoonists I believe.

Unique resource for locating alternative cartoon markets

To put it in easier to understand wording, George described one of his tactics in locating alternative cartoon markets. It involves utilizing what is called the SIC code system and here to follow is one of George’s first experiences in using it (as described in his book How To Draw Cartoons Editors Will Buy): “About six years ago I chose the Standard Industrial Classification code for Manufacturing as a category in which I assumed there could be a good market for cartoon sales. My assumption was that any company with a personnel complement of 500 or more workers would probably publish a newsletter or other publication for it’s workers, stockholders, customers and any other interested parties.

Alternative cartoon markets via SIC codes

So I purchased 5,000 addresses of manufacturers with 500 or more workers and sent them my promotional mail brochure advertising that my Masters Agency provided top notch cartoons specifically slanted and suitable for most any company or business. My assumption was right. I picked up dozens of new periodical cartoon buyers, not listed in any other directories, with whom I established an exclusive market, with no competition from other submitting cartoonists. Most of the editors were delighted to know that there was such a service as mine where they could buy cartoons!” This made me realize upon reading George’s experience, more than ever, that SIC codes when properly used, will help cartoonists in finding their niche markets faster and mare targeted.

SIC codes equal cartoon markets!

Let SIC recipients who you promote to, know your specialty and I will guarantee you will have more work than you can keep up with.
To give you a greater insight into what these codes are, and how they can benefit your cartooning business and cartoon service, go to MelissaData and don’t hesitate to contact me with additional questions or share your experiences with Standard Industrial Classification as I may quote you when I write future posts about this phenomenal resource for cartoonists.

Alternative cartoon markets requires self promoting you cartoons and services

Now, get busy and start researching. Cartooning just doesn’t involve drawing funny pictures. . . it involves other elements. . . like research and marketing! Thank you for stopping by the ToonBlog as always!