Alcoholism Cartoons

Alcoholism cartoons about drinking can be licensed and downloaded here at DansCartoons. My alcohol related cartoon alcoholism cartoonscontent would be ideal for any of your print projects.

Using a strategically placed cartoon in your newsletter will assist in bringing some humor to an otherwise serious subject.

Perhaps you are involved as a substance abuse counselor in a specialized setting where drug abusers and those who want to stop drinking are required to attend daily or nightly twelve step meetings.

Using cartoons about alcohol abuse

Using cartoons in a presentation would be great in making your point to a group! Think about incorporating any kind of cartoon or alcoholism cartoons in a series of print outs in which you’d like to discuss the actual foibles of drinking.

This would assist an interchange among patients also. Humor like cartoons can definitely lighten the topic and help other communicate better and understand each other in a different light!

Drinking and Substance Abuse cartoons

If your drug abuse center has it’s own website, you may want to consider having a custom cartoon created that features and highlights your mission.

other ideal uses for cartoons that deal with this subject include using on apparel like a t-shirt. Perhaps a cartoon used on a t-shirt can also help in promoting an event like a picnic or “family social” gathering along with dates and times and these shirts could be sold at the gathering to commemorate the event.

Some cartoons you may want to consider are available at the links below and if you have any specific questions about any of these single panel gag cartoons, don’t hesitate to ask. A fast response is guaranteed and thanks for considering my work.

Many of my cartoons about alcoholism can be found in the book entitled Mental Health: You’re Only Crazy If It Aint Workin’ Ya and all of my cartoons are available for licensing and reprint from this publication if you would like to use any of them. For help with hangovers check out different hangover prevention pills on WhiskeyBon.

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