Advertising Illustration Services


advertising illustration services

Training magazine was read by 20,000 monthly professionals – prime target for cartoons!

Advertising illustration services are a very basic “must do” for any cartoonist. I am going through a lot of my records and seeing some of the sample tear sheets of previously published display advertising I used for promoting my cartooning business and illustration services. I always emphasize to cartoonists that you must be constantly advertising your illustration services in order for people to see you. This is an advertisement I ran on a monthly basis in a well known monthly magazine called Training.

Training was a magazine read and subscribed to by trainers. For those who don’t know, trainers are specialists. They train people in the corporate world and are also known as “facilitators”. They hlp facilitate  corporate business people in how to run a business or run a business environment in order for it to properly operate at optimum levels.

Cartoons services must be advertised

Trainers also come from many other facets within the business world. Trainers for tax consulting, trainers from occupational helth and safety, trainers who specialize in law for dentists, trainers who specialize in law for physicians and on and on. It’s literally endless. And aggressive trainers usually are the most popular and are in great demand. Many of them publish their own newsletters, many of them author business manuals and books on whatever facet of business they concentrate on. They produce their own CD’s, web sites and so forth.
This means they can also use graphics, cartoons and illustrations. So being the intuitive cartoonist that I am, I naturally contracted with Training magazine to run a monthly display advertisement offering and promoting my cartoons and web catalogs.
Mind you, like anything, your efforts to advertise illustration services like I am mentioning here will start out slow. You won’t set the world on fire overnight. You need to build up momentum and they will need to get used to seeing your advertisement. But in time I started getting hits and requests and getting work assigned from my advertisement I am sharing here. No matter how you plan your approach, don’t be hesitant. Dive in, prepare a good image to accompany your ad and keep your written text short and to the point.

Cartoonists who advertise will get results

Short and to the point will have any potential client asking themselves questions about whether or not your cartoons will work for them….it will prompt them to contact you outright! Try it, you may just surprise your pessimistic side. Thanks for taking the time to read through and drop me a line if you’ve ran a successful promotional campaign promoting your cartoons.
Your information could be re-capped  in a future blog post here on the ToonBlog!