Advertising Cartoons

advertising cartoonsAdvertising cartoons used by cartoonists is a phenomenal form of self promotion. Cartoonists who are innovative, know what I mean. Instead of just mailing out hard copy gag panel submissions of cartoons to magazines, newsletters and newspapers, there are many tangents I’ve gone off on, in regards to self-promotional tactics.

Alot of times, I’ve found using a simple display advertisement like the one sample in this blog post, you can generate additional interest in your service or offer.

Self Promotional Tactics Cartoonists Use

Find a decent trade magazine that focuses on a subject you’re passionate about. Is the magazine about veterinary work? Perhaps a print ad offering your illustration or cartooning services to the veterinary field may be something you’re available for?
Doing custom cartoons for business magazines may also result from running similar types of ads in editor-related business magazines that cater to the publishing field. Narrow your favorite niche down if you understand how I would focus on a certain topic…and then create your own display ad, similar to what I am sharing here.

Promotional Copy That Cartoonists Can Use

Carefully word your text so it isn’t convoluted and it isn’t hard for a lay person, or reader of that magazine to understand. May times, since you may be a regular contributor to that magazine, you’ll be familiar with the editor or publisher. You may just be able to avoid having to pay any kind of advertising fee to the circulation department but perhaps, do some illustration work in trade!

Editors Will Negotiate With Cartoonists

I’ve done this many times over the years, and you’d be surprised at how negotiable these kinds of offers are.  Offer your services in exchange for that publication to run your advertisement …so long as you’ve come to a reasonable understanding. Always write your copy that promotes your cartooning services in the third person, as though your copy editor was hired behind the scenes and writing for you. It will have a better impact on the readers of that trade journal and may just result in your getting more cartoon sales of custom cartoon assignments!