Accident cartoons

Accident Cartoons About Accidents and Mishaps

Accident cartoons throughout my catalogs involve many types of mishaps. Mishapsaccident cartoons ranging from a car type of fender bender, to a semi tanker trailer full of liquid nitrogen going over a cliff!

My vast catalogs offer a variety of single panel gag cartoons that depict cartoon characters in different types of accidents. Mind you, accidents are never funny. However, if I can make light of a serious situation and nobody in real life gets injured, it’s better to display my thoughts in the form of a humorous cartoon! Better to laugh at one of my cartoons, than some poor soul on your local street corner who has fallen down and can’t get up!

Cartoons about accidents are safer!

Accident cartoons are safer because no real life situation is involved and I can let my imagination run wild. Cartoons that  depict a witch on a broom flying through the air so fast she loses her hat, to a cartoon about an angel in Heaven telling another “It took an accident to get me out of jury duty” are typical cartoons you’ll find in this selection.  Find cartoons similar to these and many more if you are looking to fill a spot in a newsletter for your insurance company or if you have a presentation that might be better served if a few cartoons are embedded into the power point.

Other accident cartoons shared in this collection come via my firefighter cartoons catalog which are cross referenced for your convenience and can be colorized at your request or even redrawn if you see the concept for the cartoon fitting another type of print or digital project you’re working on.

Accident cartoons will attract attention to your project

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