Daily Cartoon for Sites

Daily Cartoon For Web Sites Available

The cartoon below is available for your website. The content will auto-update on it’s own, every 24 hours. You have to do nothing except paste a simple line of code into your HTML where you want to place the cartoon and once done, the image begins it’s journey and entertains your visitors. All cartoons scheduled, are guaranteed 100% family-friendly – nothing vulgar.

Daily web cartoons keep visitors returning to your site

daily cartoon

The above cartoon can easily be added by copying this line of code into your HTML:
<a href="http://danscartoons.com/"><img border="2" src="http://danscartoons.com/cotd/dailycartoon.php"> </a>


<a href="http://danscartoons.com/" target="_blank"><img border="2" src="http://danscartoons.com/cotd/dailycartoon.php" alt="cartoon" /> </a>
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Cartoons update each day and available for any web site

The image is a static 500 pixels wide each day and height varies from day to day, although not much. If you’re a WordPress aficionado, you can opt to get this same feature by downloading the cartoon plug in that easily adds it to your site. This feature is intended for non-commercial sites as free usable content. If you are considering this cartoon for a business or commercial website, it is important that you email me with your web site name and URL to negotiate a licensing fee. Email dan@danscartoons.com with all pertinent information.

Using a daily auto-updating web cartoon will entertain your readers and visitors who come to your web site.  You show your readers that you have a sense of humor and in doing so, you are also adding variety to your page layout and format. You can enhance the layout of your digital editorial page or comics line-up by adding this feature.