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Cartoons Customized And Humorous Illustrations Created For Your Projects

Cartoons can be customized for your professional project.  I can create illustrations based on your details and the scenario you provide. Send your details to when requesting a quote and a quick response is guaranteed.  I have illustrated custom cartoons and illustrations for a wide variety of professional projects. The following samples below will help to familiarize yourself with my drawing style and ask questions
if you have them.

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                                  Color Cartoons For Print Publications



                  Cartoons Created For Direct Mail Pieces


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Story Illustrations For Articles
Custom Cartoons For Coloring Books
Ordering any type of illustration that you have in mind is simple.  Just email a detailed scenario of your concept and any elements you feel are important to include and emphasize within the overall image. I then create a rough sketch and attach it in a follow up email for your review. If you like what you see, the artwork is given a finished inking or any changes are made according to your instruction before the final high resolution image is sent to you in the file format of your choice, TIFF, JPEG or PNG format.

Custom cartoons and humorous illustrations

can minimize an otherwise serious content and help to enhance and add to the humorous message you want to relay to your visitors, or your audience or readers.  Think about how bland your book concept would be, without any clever type of characters, or actual comical concepts that help to make your point and get your message across. It is so easy to work with me and all you need to do is simply give some basic details and your print or digital project will be taken to the next level!

Contact me at to discuss any customized cartoon illustrations for projects you have planned which may require a customized cartoon or humorous illustration. Prices are negotiable.