Custom Editorial Cartoons


Get any customized editorial cartoons for your publication. A customcustom editorial cartoons cartoon will attract attention to your article or story.  Editorial cartoons will make a statement and compliment your feature stories. Editorial content like cartoons also drives traffic to your web page. Articles or stories that need enhancement with a custom created humorous illustration or cartoon can also help readers to understand a story and at the same time generate laughter into the mix. Newspapers feature editorial cartoons as a way of adding a form of identity to their format. Subscribers will look for this feature in every future issue and it may entice readers to submit their own editorials to your editor. Magazines can do the same and have any cover articles profiled with a customized illustration based on your own idea or concept. Contact me with any questions pertaining to having an idea created and I can include a fee quote based on the various aspects involving the creation of your idea. Email and a fast response is guaranteed. Having an image created is easy and simple in the few short steps listed here:

  • Supply a clear scenario of the concept you have in mind
  • rough sketch based on your concept is sent in follow-up email
  • You review the rough sketch and approve the artwork for final inking
  • If any changes are needed prior to sending final art, you advise what to change
  • Final art is sent in high resolution @300 DPI and can be sized to your needs

Review the samples in the portfolio to acquaint yourself with my drawing style. All samples provided here are presented as previously published editorial cartoons that were created to help associate you with my style of editorial illustration.