Custom Comic Strips


custom-comic-stripsCustom comic strips will be created for any of your professional projects. If you need an on-call comic strip maker to create your concepts, please bookmark this portfolio and take time to review the various samples and styles of comic strip layouts I feature here.

My portfolio of samples presented in the gallery here will provide basic insight into my ability to create your multi-panel cartoon strip ideas. Whether you need a single strip created for use on a direct mail piece of if you need a series of strips created to enlighten and convey your message to an audience on the web or readers of a newspaper, simply email me with your information and questions about creating something tailored to your needs. Supplying specific factors are essential when inquiring the cost and turn-around time involved when creating custom comic strips.

Custom comic strips are better than what a digital comic generator provides

The following points are always appreciated knowing in advance of providing you and reasonable price quote based on how you’ll use the artwork;

  • How many panels will be required in the strip – two? three or more?
  • Describe the characters and how they appear in each panel
  • What is exact word dialogue in each word balloon for each panel?
  • Will finished artwork be in color or black & white line art?
  • How will finished art be used (provide a clear and concise description)?

Based on the above, I would create rough sketched art and attach it for your review. If you like what you see, the artwork will be rendered in a finished inking or changes can be made based on your instructions prior to finishing the comic strip and supplying it in high resolution for your convenience.

Personalized comic strips and cartoons will enhance any professional projects

If you have any other questions regarding a comic strip created for your newspaper or company, email your phone number and I will call you at your preferred time. I will provide a custom quote for any type of custom promotional cartoons that you need. Email: and a quote will be given in a timely manner. Thank you!