Book Illustrations

humorous_book_illustrationBook illustration services are offered by Dan Rosandich and you can get an idea of the general cartooning or the humorous illustration styles offered by browsing through the various samples on this page. Click any image to get an enlarged sample from the thumbnails or portfolio that is offered for your convenience. Generally, you supply the description of the idea you have in mind, and a rough sketch is provided in a follow up email via attachments. You review the image and advise as to whether you’d like specific parts of the image to be changed to your liking or for your approval. Final art is supplied in high resolution TIFF format which can be imported into your page layout.
If you require a specific contractual arrangement, we can create a rough outline based on usage and rights to the images, or write an agreement via email and let this act as our contractual arrangement to keep it simplified. Contact me with questions:
Illustrations will greatly enhance your format from a visual standpoint and add  impact to your book’s message. Illustrations cleverly placed in a chapter  heading will lend an aesthetically pleasing  appearance to your pages. Illustrations tailored to your subject matter are ideal in conveying your message. Color artwork will attract the eye more than black and white line art. Color is recommended for use on the cover, and using black & white line art within the publication would be the usual format for a text book or manual. Children’s or “picture books” usually have full color illustrations throughout the whole layout of the book from cover to cover.

My illustrations appear in many of the Chicken Soup For The Soul titles, incuding Chicken Soup For: The Pet Lover’s Soul, The Christian Soul, The Gardener’s Soul, The New Mom’s Soul, The Mother’s Soul,  The Woman’s Soul and many other soon-to-be released titles. I’ve also illustrated many reading books for  Pearson Education Publishers including World Of Reading volumes 1,2 and 3. I have also created  book covers for McGraw-Hill Publishers and see my work in: On The Highway To Humor published by  Guidepost Books, National Lampoon’s Favorite Cartoons Of The 21ST Century published by National Lampoon Press, The Art Of Teaching published by Xlibris Publishing, Let There Be Laughter published by  Guidepost Books. I’ve also illustrated It’s Not My Fault! by Dan Waintrup and published by Acanthus Publishing and You Might Be A Mama by comedienne Karen Morgan and published by PER Publishing.
Look for my children’s book Little Jay Learns Karate written by Chris Thomas you can find on Amazon.Many of my panel cartoons appear in cartoon collections and anthologies by Lincoln-Herndon Press. To get a quote for any kind of images to assist you in your next publishing project, email me at and a fast response is guaranteed. Provide as much information you can, so a reasonable quote can be supplied. Visit my other portfolio page or see my existing panel cartoons that are also available for licensing in books, manuals, brochures, catalogs, instructional programs etc.