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Creating your “brand” identity is easy and simple. Get a customized cartoon character created for use in a logo format which you can use in all of your future advertising and print promotions. Ideal for use in TV commercials, print ads, direct mail pieces, web pages, calendars, mouse pads & coffee mugs, bumper stickers, radio station vehicles, brochures etc. Your logo and character will make an indelible impression in the minds of your listening audience when seeing it on your marketing and promotional materials. Set yourself apart from your competitors with a unique design which can be a simple black & white line art cartoon or an elaborate color piece, depicting your favorite animal emblazoned in full action mode! Cartoonist Dan Rosandich has 30 years of experience and has created many logos, icons, character identities and cartoons for various AM / FM radio stations. If you have a concept and want something created from “scratch”, email . You might want to promote a certain radio personality via a caricature to use advertising, no problem.

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How it works is relatively simple. Send me a clear & concise description of what you have in mind, how it is to appear and also any wording or text you wish to have above, across or below the character. Perhaps a cartoon word balloon with your radio station’s call letters? A rough sketch or black & white line art illustration is then created, based on the information you provided and it will be attached in an email. You simply go over the artwork and decide whether the illustration is ready for finalizing in color or black and white line art. The image is then sized appropriately, and the finished image is sent to you in high resolution TIFF format that you can save on your system, forward to your printer etc. I can also provide the same image in additional file formats such as GIF, to use online in your web page template or email templates or for your electronic newsletters that you send to your listeners. Pricing is not complex. It’s based on two factors, how detailed the image will be and your broadcast wattage. Are you a 1000 watt station? A 5000 watt or a larger FM regional broadcast market with 100,000 watts? This information, combined with the actual creation of rough sketches and then the inevitable changes are the formula used when quoting a reasonable fee for creating your “brand” identity. See all of the samples below to get a general idea of the kind of logo design or caricatures you can get. Banner samples are also a specialty and look at the samples provided here for your convenience. Thank you!
Email me at my contact page above for a quote or if you have specific questions and see the various samples provided here.

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Banners and headers are another specialty. See samples below and if a specific design is of interest, please refer to it and a sample will be created and emailed for your review & approval. Email with your question and for a quote at contact page above
and visit my cartoon portfolio page to get a further insight into my cartooning / illustration style.

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