Cartoons on my specific catalog pages are priced based on how they are intended for a designated usage and there are payment selections that can be made for any potential usage regarding those single panel gag cartoons. Those fees are based on years of negotiating one on one with editors, publishers and art directors over many years. A specific formula gradually evolved and that formula has always been an acceptable and agreeable way in which pricing was agreed upon between myself and those interested in using cartoons. Usage has always been a factor, along with other concerns such as circulation of the magazine, newsletter, newspaper or publication.
The key word is USAGE and how that usage is applied. When contacting me about any imagery found throughout my site, simply provide a clear and concise set of details as to how you will use an image so I can provide a reasonable quote based on that usage. Aside from the usage, be certain to include numbers if you plan to publish a cartoon in print or online. To help better understand, see these questions spelled out in the list below. Once you provide this type of information in your inquiry, it will assist in providing you a more accurate quote based on these elements:

  • If in a PowerPoint presentation, how many attendees are estimated?
  • If used in a textbook, how many copies? (and specify world rights etc.)
  • If used in a newsletter, how many copies will be printed?
  • If the cartoon appears on a web site, how many visitors per day?
  • If used in a book, what is the planned print run?
  • If a cartoon is used on a t-shirt, how many shirts will be printed?
  • If used in a newspaper, what is the  daily or weekly circulation?
  • If the cartoon is intended for a magazine, what is the circulation?
  • If planned for a Facebook company page, show me your intended page
  • If used in a direct-mail piece, how many pieces will be mailed out?
  • In a print ad? provide info on how the cartoon will assist the ad.

Always remember my simple rule of thumb when inquiring about pricing for a cartoon: USAGE + NUMBERS = accurate cartoon pricing
Cartoons can also be colorized if you see something that lends itself to a company greeting card or for a calendar or to be distributed to a group of email recipients etc., as color will add 50% more to any overall quote since color enhances the artwork and adds to the attention factor of an image.


Do not ask for free use of any cartoons – my site is a commercial venture.
Do not request work in exchange for exposure. I have over 30 years of print exposure.
Do not request free use based on non-profit status – most non profits have budgets.
Do not request free use in exchange for sharing proceeds on a project. Too much risk.
Do not request free usage based on the launch of a project that has “potential”
Do not request owning “all rights” to custom work I create unless you have corporate funding.
All cartoons throughout this web catalog are copyrighted. No specific cartoon may be reprinted, copied or downloaded and published  in any other form of digital or hard copy commercial reprint without contacting in advance. Copyright violators are pursued aggressively and it is requested that in depth research on the current provisions set forth in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act be thoroughly studied, prior to using any cartoons. You do have the option of sharing any of these cartoons on the pages they appear by using the sharing buttons found on each page throughout my catalog and if there any other specific questions regarding any cartoon or if you have a question regarding copyright, email me at the address above.