Media center page that profiles several articles – interviews about my cartoons and cartooning services.
I have many types of cartoons I offer editors for reprinting and licensing. I provide marketers and business people with branding also. I can do special cartoon characters or illustrations based on a business or services and have done many logos and caricatures for companies around the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.
If you want to talk about a special cartoon related project, email me your phone number and I will definitely contact you. To avoid telemarketers, useless sales calls and promoters, I never like to leave my phone number online. It could also result in fraud, so hope you will understand.
Take time to look through a few of these question & answers sessions on some of my stories here. If you cannot find the right cartooning answers to any of your cartooning questions, email me directly and I will do the best I can to accommodate you. If you’re an online publisher seeking a new interview, then email me if you want to do something regarding cartoons and cartooning and I can help you with information and supply artwork and illustration samples for your blog, newspaper or any other kind of publication.

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