Digital Usage

This usage applies to using the cartoon in question for a one time personal license in any type of digital format including:

  • Company intranet
  • In your Facebook timeline
  • Your Twitter feed or any other social media platforms
  • Using the cartoon on your web page / blog posting
  • Professional presentation
  • Electronic newsletter
  • In the body of your promotional email sent to a selected number of recipients
  • Embed in any attached document sent to multiple recipients such as a word file
  • Embed into your email signature

Note: “One time usage” refers to applying the chosen cartoon once, in any of the intended uses you have . If you have additional questions about usage or regarding a specific cartoon or the licensing rights to any cartoon, contact me.

Print – Hard Copy Usage

This specific usage applies for using the chosen cartoon for a one time personal license in any of the various print formats such as:

  • A cartoon filler in a regional or company magazine
  • Used in the print version of your newsletter
  • Used in a company brochure as a filler item
  • Used in your book (up to 5000 copies – 10K and more, please inquire)
  • Using the cartoon to accompany an article appearing in your company-regional magazine
  • Using in hand-outs at staff meeting agendas
  • Cartoon used to enhance a resume
  • Cartoon used in an instruction manual

Note: The greater the usage applied to a cartoon, the greater the intrinsic value of that specific cartoon. If a greater usage is intended for any cartoon you’re interested in, other than what is defined in the outlines of uses listed here, contact me with your information.

Professional – Commercial

Cartoon usage in any professional or commercial manner applies to a one time personal license for using the cartoon in hard copy format or in digital format in the following areas:

  • Using the cartoon in your printed newspaper ad or magazine advertisement
  • Using the cartoon in a greeting card you print for a personal send out
  • Cartoon is used in your personally published e-book
  • Publishing the cartoon on a poster for your company or business
  • Using the cartoon inside of your company or personal business calendar
  • Cartoons chosen for use in a brochure to promote your event or product
  • Cartoon panel that is used on a t-shirt to promote your company picnic or party
  • Cartoons used on a direct mail piece or on a postcard to promote a product / event
  • Cartoon usage on merchandise (such as mugs, mouse pads) for a corporate event
  • Using the cartoon in a corporate web cast
  • Cartoon used in corporate web banner ad campaign