How can I locate the kind of cartoon I’m searching for on DansCartoons?

Look for the search box in upper right-hand corner of any page throughout my site. It says “Search cartoons” in the box. If you are seeking health related cartoons, just type “health” and all cartoons relating to that subject matter will appear. Or if you are searching for dental cartoons, type “dental” and a page of dentist related cartoons will appear. By typing just the topic, you will get a comprehensive set of results that relate to any subject you type into the search. Or if you would like, contact me directly and ask me if I have a certain kind of cartoon humor. I also have work that is archived which isn’t publicly accessible. So there’s a good chance I might be able to assist you. And if I don’t have it, there is the option of me creating some custom gag cartoons based on your own cartoon gag writing.