Do you offer non profit organizations free usage of your cartoons?

No. The artwork appearing throughout my catalogs is a culmination of financial investment, time and creativity that is a “for profit” venture based on many years of effort involved in promoting and continually developing an illustration style that is suitable for commercial usage. This online database alone, took over a year to layout, assemble and build to a point where it was suitable for presenting to potential clients…special scripts had to be developed and themes tested, editing done and other links created before the entire site as a whole could be launched.
If non profits seriously want a specific cartoon, I am willing to negotiate a usage fee if you are interested in a specific drawing. Simply contact me as I am interested in providing any group or association with high quality single panel gag cartoon humor.
Cartoons can definitely be shared though. A big difference exists between “free” usage and sharing since I actually offer social sharing buttons to most platforms that can be found by all of my cartoons larger versions.