How can a cartoon be purchased and what is the procedure?

When you are visiting any of the various categories of cartoons, they are displayed in a thumbnail gallery that allows you to scroll up and down the page. Any image of interest can be clicked which takes you to a larger preview of that same cartoon.

  • If the cartoon is acceptable, note the pay buttons to the right
  • Each pay button is configured to your intended usage
  • If your usage for the cartoon is suitable for a book, choose $104

If the product, price, quantity and total are acceptable then click the “Proceed To Checkout” button. You will be taken to the Checkout Page and are required to enter your Billing details. Please note that in the “Additional Information” box that entering your intended usage is appreciated for record keeping. Then review your ordering information to be certain all of the appropriate information required is entered and your order is ready. Click the “Proceed To Paypal” button. The form is extremely simple to use and all of your information and credit card data is securely protected via SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layers) technology, including state of the art protection that PayPal uses in conjunction with their payment form. Once you click PayPal’s payment button, you will receive:

  • A high resolution image file of that cartoon
  • A detailed invoice pertaining to that cartoon purchase
  • The file can be inserted in your layout or printed out as hardcopy

Additionally, you can also send payment via check to a business address that can be provided or Western Union is another option.