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Health Exercise Cartoon 14

Health Exercise Cartoon 14 shows elephant sitting in a cafe reading a menu and telling the waiter to stop him when he reaches ordering twenty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty five calories on his order – waiter looks totally started as does another patron looking in the background.

This same cartoon could also be recreated under your art instruction. For instance you might be opening a business such as your own cafe. Have you considered a print advertising campaign with the possible inclusion of cartoons like this?

Not to mention the fact I could add your own promotional text across the top of the cartoon panel so it informs readers of your “grand opening”.  Possibly to read ‘Watch For Our Grand Opening of The Akme Cafe!’ etc. Colorizing cartoons like this one can also be done to your specifications.

It will attract readers and visitors to your advertisement or promotion. The gag underneath the artwork can also be edited as editing cartoons are another option to assist you in finding the right image for your project., Writing gags for cartoons is one aspect of a well done cartoon.

Keep in mind that existing work I provide is available for editing. For instance, as I have used this cartoon as an example for your potential self promotion, think in terms of changing the line below the cartoon to something that exemplifies your new cafe. This is yet another way of personalizing single panel gag cartoons to benefit you.

Think of taking this yet another step further. I’m certain you’re using social media like Twitter and all the rest. Take this new idea and apply it to using across all of your social media.

Single panel gag cartoons for social media usage is gaining in popularity as another form of advertising and sharing  your vision and message. Many variables exist and if you feel it is best to talk, let me get your business number and I can call you at a designated time.

Now that you have a general idea, maybe by taking a closer look at the rest of my health cartoons or even those throughout my various medical cartoons catalog, you may see something else that helps you make an impactful statement. Thank you for visiting!

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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