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Facebook Cartoon 9

Facebook cartoon 9 shows kid pulling pants down and ‘mooning’ Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline in protest of Facebook’s improvements. Other Facebook Cartoon images are available from this catalog. Take your time to browse as I guarantee all cartoons can be provided as high resolution image files once you choose a specific cartoon.

Any of my various cartoons can also be re-purposed and reconfigured for your convenience. I specialize on cartoon redraws since there is a finite demand and usage that can be applied towards cartoons like these.

For instance, you may want this or other Facebook cartoons for use in an advertising campaign but prefer they be re-drawn to accommodate a certain aspect relating to your business or message to clients. Just tell me what to redraw and / or modify in any cartoon and I would attach those files as rough sketches.

If you like what you’re reviewing, that artwork can then be given a final inking and the final art would be formatted and sized based on your intended usage. Of course, any changes would be made prior to supplying you with that finished artwork.

If we need to discuss anything at length, provide your business number and I’ll call you immediately to go over key points and answer any specific questions about customizing this cartoon or any other image you see.

Other uses for cartoons such as this one vary widely. Use cartoons in calendars, books, cartoons in newsletters or for print advertising to promote an article or you can also apply humor like these comics into your own social media pages if you are a company or business.

Show your followers or readers or your client base that you have a sense of humor because those who possess a sense of humor also, will relate much better to who you are and what your business is about!

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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