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Education School Cartoon 064

Education school cartoon 064 features a younger looking smiling graduate wearing a motor board on his head with a graduate’s gown as though he has recently graduated.

He sits at a desk while holding some paperwork and on the door is the wording “Student Tuition Loans”. This cartoon is emphasizing the need for  jobs many graduates have and ideally, this would be a good position for this young graduate.

And an ironic one at that. Captionless cartoons like this have always been a favorite of mine in that they evoke a message with no speaking characters. The perfect way to make a statement! Graduation cartoons are also unique in that the humor involves a special time of year and a special occasion in a student’s life.

If you happen to be a publisher or a marketer needing an image for a special usage and want this cartoon re-drawn a certain way, just contact me with your request. Make sure you provide as much background details that will help me understand what is needed.

I could then render some rough sketched artwork and attach them in a follow up email for your review. Colorizing cartoons is also doable.

Tell me if you’d like this colorized for perhaps a print advertisement or possibly a poster. Color always amplifies the appeal of a cartoon and attracts the eye. It also helps in bringing across your point.

And if you’re authoring a book or textbook about education or graduating, I am also able to assist you if you need custom cartoons created for something of this nature.  You’d provide outlines for each illustration that you have in mind, and I would then create a rough sketch for each image and attach them for your review.

If you like the artwork, I then give it a finished inking and format the files in high resolution and save for use in your print project. Very easy and simple to achieve. If we need to verbally discuss, send your phone number and I’ll call you at a time you indicate. Thank you !

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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