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Mobile Technology Cartoons 30

Mobile Technology Cartoons 30 focuses on two birds using digital technology as one says that talk is cheep, so they should just keep sending out tweets.

Some light-hearted humor is featured in this colorized cartoon about the social media platform Twitter.

Who would’ve thought two birds could access social media using their own tablets to send out tweets instead of just chirping and tweeting while sitting on that tree branch!

Cartoons like this one would work well for a group devoted to ornithology, bird watching or any type of social media groups who are devoted to ‘birding’.

In years past when the magazine publishing business flourished before the digital explosion, I was published in various pet newsletters devoted to owning parrots and other birds, and publications like Bird Talk magazine used my cartoons as stand-alone gag cartoons and I also did small spot illustrations and clipart cartoons for the magazine – published by a company called ‘Fancy Publications’ based in Mission Viejo, California.

Animal related cartoon humor has always been a favorite topic of mine for creating cartoons on. If you want to use this cartoon as a black and white line art image in some publishing venture, let me know. I offer a lot of flexibility.

What you see listed on my page here in regards to actual licensing of cartoons is not etched in stone. I will re-caption this panel and even re-draw it to your requirements if needed.

Perhaps for something needed in the way of apparel, or for use in package deign.

I like to incorporate a lot of topical content into all aspects of my cartoons, and as you’ll notice the far-fetched concept of birds using technology is a common theme in my work, I also do a lot of other technology related cartoons that relate to popular topics such as the social media platform Facebook.

If you happen to need other social media cartoons such as Facebook cartoon humor, I have it – so keep this in mind. Contact me at any time if you have questions and thank you for visiting!

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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