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Facebook Cartoon 13

Facebook cartoon 13 shows a carpenter is surfing the internet and is on a  social media site and on his desktop screen is “Faciabook”. This cartoon panel is available to license in your book project or your newsletter. Contact me with any questions you may have about this particular image.

You can also reprint the cartoon in your social media pages. The subject matter relates to multiple topics including carpentry. This would make it ideal for use by a builder or carpenter with a business who uses the internet for self promotion.

There are other options available regarding this cartoon. Give some thought to having the concept modified so it fits your business. Such as pitting the name of your company on the computer screen. Or there may be the potential of taking your company logo and having it embedded along side the cartoon or above or below the carpenter character.

This technique is called social media “branding” and would give your business greater credence online.
You can also get the cartoon colorized if you wish. When contacting about the artwork, just use Facebook Cartoon 13 in your subject line. Aside from my various cartoons about Facebook here in this catalog, I have others I can send you in a follow up.

If your business can use custom illustrations, contact me with any questions regarding this since I specialize in customized cartoons. I have been creating work for graphic design firms, book publishers, authors and more for many years. So if you need a quote based on your intended usage, supply all pertinent information and ask any questions and I will contact you as soon as possible regarding your concept.

Custom cartoons can be used in calendars, greeting cards, print advertising, social media and web pages and much more. Your only limitation is your imagination!

computer cartoon calendarFor the computer and technology aficionado, I offer a calendar which depicts a full color cartoon for each month of the year including a full color computer cartoon on the cover. A black and white line art cartoon has a pirate appearing on the back cover who is threatening his shoulder parrot by replacing him with an ipod. If you’d like to surprise a friend with an unusual gift item, click the image that will take you to the order page for this cartoon calendar!

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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