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Computer Cartoon 041

Computer Cartoon 041 depicting two office workers looking in amazement at an actual genie that has popped out of a computer desktop screen and is holding some stylus-type technical tools and smiling at the startled pair.

One standing along side his co-worker exclaims “Looks like you’ve connected to Genigraphics!”. Want to learn more about Genigraphics?

This cartoon was created to compliment many software products launched to enable computer users to develop Power point posters and reprints. If you’re a graphics person, you may appreciate this cartoon!

The ubiquitous computer cartoon gag is a mainstay in cartooning humor and the concept can be applied to many subjects such as computer graphics and using technology in general.

Who in the world could imagine using a computer and graphics software and actually having a genie pop out from your computer to assist you in using the program!

Like many of my computer cartoons, this cartoon is an exaggeration of course, but also meant to entertain and make a point. Either use it in your printed publications, your printed advertising projects or even on package design!

Cartoons about computer usage and technology apply to many uses

If you are a graphics person or computer user, office worker or involved in graphics layouts and have your own social media page, this cartoon may just appeal to your visitors. Many of my technology cartoons could be applied in similar uses.

Think about the flexible aspect I offer where I am able to edit the caption below the cartoon. Have you considered personalizing cartoons?

It’s very doable. Let’s say your business is “Akme Graphics” for instance. The character looking at the genie popping out of that computer could hypothetically be telling the other guy: “Who thought a genie would be assisting Akme Graphics in our design layouts!”

This concept would identify your visitors and followers with your business, a common sense of humor so to speak.

And what better topic than computer applications and software for using a little humor. Especially cartoons to help lighten the mood! My tech-related cartoons are not only ideal for social media, but  other print and digital uses as well.

Think about how well placed cartoons in your newsletter or magazine will be perceived. The addition of a ‘humor section’ could be an immediate hit.

Cartoons used by public relations agencies are now very popular in email campaigns also. Getting custom cartoons created is another option. Take this into consideration if you want to make a direct statement. Provide your phone number and I’ll call you to discuss. Thank you!

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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