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Wedding Marriage Cartoon 15

Wedding Marriage Cartoon 15 offers  a bride and groom that are in front of minister about to get married. A child in the audience comments on the long train on bride’s wedding gown that it’s too bad her mother did not shorten her dress.

This cartoon is also ideal for any family magazine or newsletter. The cartoon can easily be downloaded and printed out for your usage or you can access the image file via a special download link.

The artwork will be in a high resolution JPEG format to accompany any uysage you choose this cartoon for. If you have any type of direct questions in regards to the caroon, contact me directly. Use the contact form itself, or use my business email address that you’ll find on the same page.

If you do happen to have specific questions, be specific. Such as needing the cartoon resized for another usage not covered here on my site. I also offer the flexibility to re-draw the image in any way you request. Certain elements of the cartoon will be taken out or new ones will be added. If you need a character or multiple characters re-drawn a certain way, no problem.

Colorizing cartoons is also another aspect I provide and keep this in mind. Color enhances a cartoon for extra added intrinsic value. In essence, it will attract your reader or visitors directly to any written text or content. Ideal for print advertising you might be planning or for use in special publishing projects like a book perhaps. Or even apparel such as t-shirts etc.

Why not use this cartoon on your Facebook page if you happen to be a wedding planner? There are so many options you can consider when it comes to cartoons! If you feel we should talk about any ideas you might have for a particular project, email me your business phone number and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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