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Family Comic Cartoon 008

Family Comic Cartoon 008 depicts two old turtles observing a young turtle running by. One of the older turtles says to the other “I can remember when we moved that fast!!” which is a good statement in which many human beings can most likely relate to.

Referring to the potential onset of arthritic joints and various aches and pains that everyone eventually suffers as old age creeps in. A simple but straight to the point statement. A single panel gag cartoon such as this could be used in a print ad for a chiropractic clinic or similar medical practice.

Or perhaps a hospital may have an upcoming specialist who will be making a presentation at their facility and a unique way in which to advertise the event would be to use a direct mail campaign and send to to all residents throughout the local community or to those patients who have opted in on the clinic’s mailing list.

That advertising copy would attract a reader with this cartoon next to it. Additionally, thinking in more creative terms, the word balloon could be modified and you could have me add your own verbiage into that balloon by my re-drawing the cartoon to your specifications. Cartoon re-draws, editing cartoons and modification of cartoon art are also one of my specialties.

So if you see potential in this or any other ideas I may have given, feel free to discuss this if you wish. Tell me what number to call you at and I’ll get in touch as soon as possible….we could even colorize the image as color always intensifies graphics like cartoons and will attract the reader’s eye directly to your ad copy. You’d definitely get a bigger bang for your advertising dollar. Save the link and if you happen to be researching family cartoons for a specific print or digital project, I have many more available. Thank you for visiting.

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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  1. amirah.elakhras says:

    For my year 12 HSC assignment, I was required to create a presentation with images. Dan’s cartoons were perfect to be included in the presentation.
    The images I used for the presentation were great in quality. My teacher and the class enjoyed the image very much.
    Dan is very fast to reply and very friendly. All his cartoons are great in quality, funny and entertaining.
    I will definitely use Dan’s cartoons again in the future.

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