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Marketing Cartoon 02

Marketing Cartoon 02 depicts an end loader that is dumping all kinds of information in the form of paperwork regarding a weekend marketing – sales seminar over an executive getting buried with the papers, up to his neck.

Cartoons such as this are available all throughout my extensive categorized catalog of cartoons which can be easily downloaded after payment is made for the cartoon. The artwork will of course not contain the digital watermark that is currently visible. You’ll receive a high quality JPEG file that is sent to you via an email download link.

The construction machinery depicted in this cartoon also has wording on it. Keep in mind a part of the services I offer allow you to have that wording changed to accommodate your needs. Perhaps you’ve found this cartoon through a specific search term and notice it just may work if the verbiage below the artwork is altered to your benefit or if that wording is changed to fit your narrative or project.

Another example is the cartoon character yelling. The cartoon word balloon can also have the words changed or the balloon can be enlarged. Just more options to consider and keep in mind. I like to emphasize the flexibility that is available.

Tell me what to change, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I’m very flexible in this regard and am able to discuss any questions if we need to talk. Tell me what phone number to call you at and I will return the call as soon as possible.

I would then make those changes we discussed and then attach the revised cartoon based on your specifications. The rough sketch would be attached in a follow-up email and you’d review the artwork. If you like what you see, I can then format the cartoon to your intended usage and send it again as a high resolution tiff or jpeg file.

Tiffs are ideal for hardcopy print publications like books and newsletters or print advertising and jpeg’s of course are image files appropriate the anything digital related such as blogs, web pages, social media or presentations.

I am always available to provide in depth information regarding my custom cartoons and additional services offered regarding coloring cartoons and editing existing cartoons. Let me know what questions you might have!

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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Additional information


Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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