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Medical Cartoon 001

Medical cartoon 001 features a stock broker who is sitting on the doctor’s examination table and bargaining for a free examination in return for a stock tip he gives to the doctor.

The doctor also happens to  feature a female doctor as I believe in diversity in my cartoons. If you have a specific interest in any other female doctor cartoon humor, just take time to browse and save or bookmark those sections of this catalog.

I can also attach separate cartoons relating to this subject matter if you request it. My cartoon galleries have thousands of different cartoons which allows me to supply you with a variety of choice for cartoons to consider.

Are you a magazine editor? My cartoons have appeared in American Family Physician magazine, Michigan Medicine magazine, Ohio Nurse magazine, American Medical News and many other national and regional publications relating to the topic of medicine so I can virtually offer a decent selection to choose from.

I always create new work about this topic, and just email me if you are interested in having a selection sent via first class mail – or even attached as a cartoon submission in high resolution PDF files. As previously mentioned, I can include diversity in my single panel gag cartoons.

As you’ll notice, the man sitting on the doctor’s exam table is black. If you seek black cartoon characters, I could recreate any certain panel from this catalog to accommodate your needs for any print, digital or advertising project.

I also can provide custom cartooning services upon request. You’ll be the art director and tell me what you need illustrated. Whether you need a custom cartoon for a book, newsletter, magazine article, brochure or any other professional project just contact me with the information and any questions you might have. A fast response is guaranteed.

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Caption: Doc Let's make a deal . I get a free exam for one of my hot stock tips. Category: , , , , , Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Digital Usage, Print – Hard Copy Usage, Professional – Commercial Usage

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