Cartoons For licensing for reprinting in professional print and digital projects. Offering access to over 60 separate cartoon catalogs providing cartoon humor that can be easily downloaded as soon as payment is made via credit card into a PayPal form.

Cartoons you review throughout any of the different selections offered here, can be re-drawn or colorized at your request. If you see a cartoon that might have potential for a special poster project or book, poster or direct-mail piece, simply contact me using the email contact form and provide information and details concerning your questions.
Cartoon humor is ideal for using in power point presentations and can help bring some levity to an otherwise serious topic, such as medicine or psychiatry. Take note I offer alot of medical cartoon humor and psychiatry cartoon humor for instance. Cartoonist Dan Rosandich has 40 years of experience doing illustration work for magazine publishers, book publishing companies, direct marketing firms and professional consultants who are involved in various forms of communications and promotion. These professionals realize the value of adding comic humor to their professional projects and Rosandich can easily be contacted for having something created in a spur of the moment. Dan has also licensed his work for reprint in web pages and for use in professional Facebook business pages. Keep your visitors to your web page entertained with a daily auto-updating web cartoon that is offered to webmasters and web design professionals who’d like to use humor to keep their visitors returning and entertained. The daily image is a static five hundred pixels wide which is a comfortable pixel width that can be applied in most columns across any web editors being used today. You will be supplied with a simple line of code that can easily be added to the code behind your site, either WordPress or any other well known editor or blog platform which includes Joomla