Sales cartoons from my catalog can be easily purchased and downloaded for your usage in any of your digital and print projects. The ideal cartoon can be difficult to locate many times, so keep in mind I can also customize a cartoon about sales under your art direction.

You can easily be the art or creative director if you have an idea you’d like to have created. I could attach a rough sketch in a follow up email for your approval. If the cartoon is acceptable and meets to your specifications,

I can finalize the artwork and format it according to your intended usage. You can also contact me directly if you have questions regarding any new content you’d like to see if there isn’t anything available throughout this collection. I’m continuously creating new cartoons and could look through my existing archive of cartoon material and attach the appropriate types of cartoons you request. My email business email address is on the page where you can find and use my contact form, or simply use the form itself, and I can get back to you as soon as possible.

Color can also be added to any existing work, so if you feel a certain cartoon you’re seeing may have more appeal to your readers or recipients if colorized, just ask and I can offer a quote to create the work accordingly based on your intended usage.

I will format any of my cartoons in Photoshop which can enhance the overall appearance of any work, just ask any questions if you have them.