Pet cartoon humor is great for your newsletter about pets, book about pets and any print or digital project that requires pet cartoons.

A multitude of various types of animals are included throughout this collection and the variety of content offers humor for bird lovers, cat cartoons, dog cartoons, even the owners themselves. Many other panels relate to tropical fish in aquariums and aficionados who love tropical fish.

I will recreate any panels according to your needs if you feel something would have a different more “focused” appeal to your project. You can contact me at my business email address on my contact form page or simply use the form itself and a fast response is guaranteed.

Coloring any cartoon is not a problem as I work in Photoshop and could attach the sample in an email for your review. Color always enhances an image that gives it intrinsic value in the way of “eye appeal” and will attract your reader or visitors to the content of your article or story.

Additionally, if you don’t see any particular cartoon you’re looking for, I am always doing new work and could look in the files for what you’re requesting and show them in a follow up if you prefer.

Feel free to register on DansCartoons and then log in and sign up for the newsletter. You will receive occasional updates whenever I make a blog post and you’ll be reminded when new collections of cartoons are posted or if I share info on a specific type of cartoon.