Medical cartoon content is my specialty. I offer all of these cartoons for your review and if you want to see new material I produce, simply log in and register to sign up for updates when I produce and post new work. I can also provide you with new cartoons to review in emails if you’d like to consider some, and feel free to ask questions any time.

All cartoons I offer here can be colorized if you are planning a special project or they could be re-captioned based on your particular needs. I’m also able to re-draw anything to coordinate with a certain message you need to convey in any publishing or digital projects.

I not only specialize in medical related cartoons but also do pediatrician cartoons, nursing cartoons and dentistry cartoon content. I have illustrated custom cartoons for use by  web site publishers and newsletters and magazines. Many of my panels have been reprinted in textbooks, catalogs and brochures.

Other ideas for using cartoons like these include social media branding, use them in your hospital calendar, use these cartoons on a web site or intranet page or pages, publish them on posters as a way of infusing some humor into the subject matter.

Offer them in a line of greeting cartoons through your hospital gift shop, use a certain cartoon on apparel to commemorate an upcoming event such as a “memorial walk” or company picnic. There are a multitude of uses for cartoons like these and your only limitation is your imagination!