Cartoon Questions

cartoon questions
Cartoon questions may come to mind and some of the answers below may be helpful in deciding what cartoon may be the right one. You might have a question regarding if a certain drawing can be colored or supplied in a certain size. There are many answers to these questions and more.

If you don’t see the right answer or are curious about other aspects relating to any cartoons throughout my various cartoon catalogs, just drop me a line. If you want to talk at length about a special project, email your contact number and I will call you at the time you request.

Any cartoon questions can be answered as soon as possible and a fast response is guaranteed.

How can I locate the kind of cartoon I’m searching for on DansCartoons?

Look for the search box in upper right-hand corner of any page throughout my site. It says “Search cartoons” in the box. If you are seeking health related cartoons, just type “health” and all cartoons relating to that subject matter will appear. Or if you are searching for dental cartoons, type “dental” and a page of dentist related cartoons will appear. By typing just the topic, you will get a comprehensive set of results that relate to any subject you type into the search. Or if you would like, contact me directly and ask me if I have a certain kind of cartoon humor. I also have work that is archived which isn’t publicly accessible. So there’s a good chance I might be able to assist you. And if I don’t have it, there is the option of me creating some custom gag cartoons based on your own cartoon gag writing.

Can your cartoons be shared on my various social media pages?

My cartoons can be shared on any non-commercial pages. However, if you’re maintaining a Facebook business page, or any other business page, I ask that you contact me in advance. I can forward the exact cartoons you want to add to your social media and we can negotiate a licensing fee that is conducive to your budget. Permission to use cartoons is simple, and just ask questions if anything comes to mind, I can help.

If I want to buy all rights or ownership to an existing cartoon, what information do you need?

Just provide information on the size of your corporation or business and how you intend on using the cartoon, do you want to use it to represent your company or business? Will it appear on all packaging, logos and your web site and social media in perpetuity? Will the cartoon be used in your marketing materials and print promotions? Knowing these aspects will help greatly. Keep in mind there are other ways in which cartoons may be used. For instance, on your web site. This means electronic cartoon rights would apply so there are many variables to keep in mind.

Do you offer discounts if multiple images are purchased? Please explain “multiple image buy-outs”

If you want multiple cartoons or what I consider a bulk cartoon purchase, I always consider discounts based on numbers. First tell me how you want to use the cartoons, either a dual application such as in a newsletter, also in your presentations and on your social media pages etc. or if you’ll use them on direct-mail pieces along with the same cartoons going on in email newsletters etc. These factors will be important in calculating a reasonable quote based on this plus your number of readers, visitors and / or employees.

A black & white cartoon will look better if colorized. Can you add color to cartoons in your catalogs?

Color always enhances a cartoon panel and will attract your reader’s eye or visitors to the page where that cartoon appears. This intrinsic value will increase the fee for using the cartoons you’re interested in. Colorizing cartoons will always add impact to your message and I offer quick turn-arounds on any work you need to have colorized.

If you create a custom cartoon, do I automatically own “all rights” to use the work any way I want?

A custom illustration doesn’t mean the artwork is owned by you after it’s created. This should be negotiated in advance and it’s advisable to indicate this upon negotiating a fee to produce the artwork first. For instance, let’s assume I create a cartoon or humorous illustration for a direct-mail piece and we’ve already negotiated a fee. It would not be advisable to then take this same artwork and use it online, since we didn’t negotiate any additional usage after that.
A dual usage would be applied to that cartoon…meaning the greater the usage applied to a cartoon, the greater the licensing fee.
Therefore it is always best to provide as much information in advance of have either a cartoon created for a certain usage or how an existing single panel gag cartoon will be used. The rule of thumb is to always provide as much information up front, when requesting a cartoon. Negotiating fees for cartoons is easy to grasp, once the process begins.

Can cartoons be used for free by non profit groups or the education sector such as teachers?

In very selective circumstances I could consider this. For the most part, non profits do in fact have certain budgets, and any ancillary items such as graphics – which includes cartoons – should have a redeemable value when used in any kind of projects or campaigns.
As for any teaching related requests, it is advisable to email me with any details about how you want to use a drawing and give information along with your contact info so I can get back to you. When it comes to free cartoons in exchange for “exposure”, it is common knowledge that you can die from exposure!

Why are the licensing fees to use your cartoons higher than those of other cartoon licensors?

I have thousands of cartoons archived throughout my site. From a cumulative standpoint, this number is based on years and years of refining and establishing a decent and professionally acceptable drawing style. Since all of the cartoons on DansCartoons are exclusively mine, and I don’t provide tens of thousands of images that would allow me to offer cartoon licensing fees at much lower rates like those of other licensors, I have to keep me fees at comparative levels to offset my hosting fees, back-up hosting costs, web developer and maintenance costs and other technical fees that relate to maintaining my cartoons online. Based on these factors, my cartoon reprint costs are relatively economical.

Writing about cartooning and cartoons and illustration work is my forte. Do you accept blog content?

I certainly will consider any cartooning related articles and article about cartoonists or the business of animation, comic books or content relating to the gag cartoon business. I request the article be a minimum 400 words and pass any CopyScape test I would run it through. You’d have the option of getting one link back to the site of your choice, either as a raw hyperlink, or through a keyword text link back to the URL of your choice.

You cartoons are on Pinterest and other social media. Can they be shared on my business pages?

If my cartoons appear on Pinterest, those are there only for search engine optimization and to give visibility to my domain via my website name DansCartoons appearing inline with the various cartoons. If a business or commercial Pinterest page wants to share my cartoons, please email me directly if you want to license any of my cartoons on your pages or any other social media streams you have.
I spend a considerable amount of time writing, drawing and inking in all of my artwork. This includes marketing the work in various ways, such as promoting on social media.

Can the same cartoon be used in multiple platforms such as books, web, newsletters etc.?

Anytime a cartoons is considered for usage in multiple ways, this is called a “dual usage”. Yes, I will negotiate a usage or licensing fee to use any work you might be interested in, for use in multiple ways. Provide me with your information on plans relating on how you’ll use it. If you have questions, please ask me in advance.

Your cartoons appear in search image results. Are those free to use, i.e. public domain?

Cartoons of mine which appear in search engine image results are simply that, image results relating to the search term you used or relating to the keyword used in your search. All cartoons you see are copyrighted including those of mine that are in the results. Public domain simply refers to images that are not protected by copyright laws. I strongly suggest investigating and researching any image or cartoon before using it to avoid violating any copyright laws. I am can explain cartoonist copyrights further if you need more information.

Can you create special illustrations in a New Yorker style for a cartoon to present as a gift?

I get many requests if I can create work in a “New Yorkerish” style and I can oblige any requests if you have an interest in this type of single panel cartoon. Being a flexible cartoonist is my forte. Offering the ability to alter and modify my cartooning style is another aspect of my illustration services I try to emphasize. So like with other types of requests, just ask, and give me as much info in advance to work with so that I can respond with a quote and then get started doing a rough sketch for your review. New Yorker cartoons or those of that style can definitely be created for you!

We need a cartoon for branding. Do you create cartoons for various dynamics such as branding?

Cartoons for branding are my forte in that I’ll customize any cartoon concept you have in mind and will work closely with you in getting the ideal cartoon character created for your business or company.

Will you redraw a cartoon I am interested in? I’d like different characters portrayed, can you do this?

I can redraw any specific elements within existing cartoons you see on my site. Editing cartoons is a part of my service I will gladly provide. For example, you may want cartoon characters portrayed of a certain ethnicity to accommodate an article for your book or story. Provide me with details and I can re-draw that work and attach the rough sketched cartoon in a follow up email for your approval. Any other appearances to inanimate objects or characters within my work is fair game! Just ask.

Can you create cartoons and supply final art the same day? In essence, emergency “rush” services?

Yes, any kind of quick turn-around or deadline can be met. Keep in mind, if there is a rush job, I will quote a higher fee based on your requirements. Basically I will set aside any illustration jobs or cartoon illustration work and focus on your immediate needs and have been able to create several color cartoons before midnight once, for a client in Texas who needed them the next day for a class she was going to teach.

Can you provide a list on all of the ways cartoons can be used?

There are literally dozens of ways in which cartoons can be applied in a variety of print and digital projects. Here are just a few of the ways in which cartoons like mine can be used in whatever project you’re putting together.

Print Advertising
Web Pages
Video Facilitation
Instruction Manuals
Greeting Cards
Package Design
Logos – Corporate Identity
Corporate Displays
Direct Mail Pieces
Staff Meeting Agendas
Digital Signage
Caption-This-Cartoon Contest
Web Banners

There is a certain topic or category of cartoons you don’t offer. Are you open to suggestions?

Feel free to email me at any time if you have a suggestion for any kind of topic for a new cartoon category on my site. In fact, I have several subjects started but I consider them incomplete, simply due to the fact I haven’t enough additional cartoon content for those categories.

A certain publication could use cartoon humor and want to suggest potential editors, may I?

Many magazines need humor and cartoons. Not all of these publications are aware of what cartoonists like myself can provide, nor do they know the ways in which to find me. So by all means, email them and give them my web address or point them to my link of cartoon catalogs. I can always use help in this regard, thank you!

I have paid for and downloaded a cartoon I am not satisfied with. May I exchange it for another?

Any cartoon that you’re not satisfied with can definitely be exchanged for something else. Go through my cartoon catalogs and when you locate the ideal replacement, use the reference or tracking number for that cartoon. I can pick out the work and format it, based on your intended usage and send it to the email address of your choice.