Education Cartoons
education cartoons

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Education cartoons offered in this catalog are ideal for your publishing projects. Cartoons about education are ideal for school district newsletters, or offered for licensing on your school system’s social media pages to add a taste of flavor and some humor for your visitors. My education cartoons can also be reprinted in textbooks or in any publishing projects that authors may be writing. Any of the black & white line art cartoon humor can be re-drawn or colorized to your preferences.

Note the color cartoon sample offered here at the beginning of this introduction. My colorization techniques can be rendered in Photoshop and you’ll expect a similar look and feel to that sample.

Cartoons in this selection relate to all aspects related to education in a school system. Such as humor in the teacher’s lounge, or graduation cartoons. Even elementary school students and principals are not spared the wrath of a little gag panel cartoon humor!

What is provided here for review can also give you a general idea of what to expect if you need something created in comic strip format for a promotional poster relating to a school system event or function.

Contact me anytime with questions regarding any cartoons offered here, or if there are questions pertaining to having an illustration created for your school or personal publishing project.  Sizing of any work can be done on a one on one request for anything you’re working on and no job is too big or small. Thank you for taking the time out to review my cartoons and gag panel comics!

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